With the World Cup quickly approaching (t-minus 36 hours), I found myself wondering how much of the tournament I am actually going to watch.  I knew that it would probably fall somewhere between 10 and 150+ hours but that is a large range and I needed a plan to get as much soccer packed into a 30 day schedule as possible.  Would I have what it takes to really spread my wings and go the proverbial 90 minutes for my country?

A quick background on myself.  I became a big-time soccer (errr, football) fan about 5 years ago.  I was swept up in the excitement of the last World Cup and since then have become a season ticket holder of my local MLS club (errr, franchise), witnessed Beckham-mania first hand, attended a massive EPL derby, watched Fox Soccer Channel religiously as well as surfed the internet like Kelly Slater looking for the latest news and rumors.  What I lack in experience as a fan, I more then make up with my enthusiasm for the sport.  I therefore liken myself as something of a Justin Bieber of soccer fans.  I’m young but I have the talent, the charisma and maybe most importantly, the hair to become a big time star.

So why would I think I could watch 64 matches in a month and blog about it?  Simple: I’m unemployed (resumes available upon request).  For the first time in a long time (college, I’m looking at you buddy), I really don’t have anything to do but watch television and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I was also very pleased to learn that EVERY single game will be broadcast on one of the ABC/ESPN networks for the entirety of the tournament making it possible to do what I only could have dreamed about but when I was working for the man…watch ’em all!

My goal is to watch as many 2010 World Cup matches live…from my couch and then write about it here.  Hopefully it will give the casual fan an insight into what another casual but devoted fan thinks as well as a few chuckles along the way.  I am an amateur in every sense.  Soccer fan.  Writer.  Critic.  But